The New Indian Power - The World According to Modi

India has never been so powerful on the international stage.

PM Modi govt gets worst ratings on economy since it came to power

NEW DELHI: The Modi government in 2020 is getting the worst score on the economic front since it came to power in 201

Landmark India Budget 21-22 to rejig economy post COVID-19

The Indian government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered its 9th annual budget as a landmark one to rejig the

Modi govt’s plan for a Development Finance Institution will reduce infra burden on banks

Monetisation of oil and gas pipelines, airports, Railways' infrastructure can generate huge sums of money for Modi g

PM Modi to inaugurate event to celebrate Netaji’s birth anniversary in Kolkata

The anniversary is being celebrated as Prakaram Diwas from this year.

7 reasons why Modi govt is in retreat on farm reform laws

Farm reform could’ve been high point of Modi’s second term.

Amarinder Singh Appeals To PM Modi To Accept Farmers' Demands

Amarinder Singh said the elderly farmers were sitting at the borders of Delhi not for themselves, but for their chil