How We Killed the Mahatma

In official history, Gandhi died once on January 30, 1948, but the Mahatma’s soul has been murdered repeatedly by the

En Inde, la découverte d’un village chinois relance les tensions frontalières

Des images satellites montrent l'apparition de ce village chinois, sur le territoire indien.

Slavery Museum: preparation for the launch of the second phase of the project

In the Chagos, the story of an inhuman deportation to an American base

Reader s' Métis novel award, "Shore of Wrath", by Caroline Laurent, tells the heartbreaking tragedy of the Chagossian

Singer of Bourik mo tonton, Dieu ti kre lom, etc: The hard crossing of Claude Lafoudre

Adolphe de Plevitz revolted against the ill-treatment of indentured workers

Adolphe de Plevitz lifted the veil of slavish treatment of Indian workers in the early 1870s.

COMMEMORATING THE MAKING OF OUR HISTORY : The Long Tradition of Honouring the Indentured Labourers or Girmityas in Mauritius

2nd November 2020 marks the 186th anniversary of the landing of the indentured labourers in Mauritius.