World Tea Day - a report on Indian tea industry

International Tea Day is celebrated on 21st of May every year in tea growing countries like India and Sri Lanka since 2005, but was only adopted by the United Nations in December 2019. Today, India is the second largest tea producer in the world, right behind China. From roadside shack to high-end mall, a cozy corner can be found with tea in hand. Of the total production, India accounts for 3/4th domestic consumption of tea. The growing demand for tea for its aroma and quality is majorly driving the India tea industry. Brands are constantly innovated to make tea acceptable for the millennial generation. Youngsters in India prefer their tea cold and with exotic flavors, obsession for green and black tea for the health benefits, has led to some of the best innovations. Today, people beat the heat and chill in the winters with different flavored tea. Chamomile and Green teas are tied for first place when it comes to health. Both are considered the healthiest tea options however they serve different purposes. Chamomile tea cuts blood-sugar levels, and the chemicals in the tea block activity of an enzyme associated with the development of diabetic eye and nerve damage. Green tea is said to extract lost body fat and reduces cholesterol, while working efficiently to raise our metabolism.