"Wave", "inexperienced" ... The British more and more exasperated by Boris Johnson

While the United Kingdom is the most affected country in Europe, improvisation and contradictions undermine the good will of the British towards their Prime Minister.

His return to Downing Street on April 27 was all fairytale . After having triumphed over Covid-19, like Saint George, the patron saint of England slaying the dragon, Boris Johnson had appeared victorious, only two weeks after having come close to death. Two days later, he became a father for the sixth time and chose the third name for his son as that of the doctor who had saved him, Nicholas. Prancing at the top of the polls, with 80% of favorable opinions, Boris Johnson had almost managed to make forget his risky management of the beginnings of the health crisis . From Cardiff to Edinburgh, from London to Belfast, the government message, "Stay at home, save lives", had been massively followed by the British. The capitals of this kingdom of four nations seemed united to fight "the invisible enemy".