Professor Raoult had quarreled with Buzyn's husband ... that explains a lot!

Covid-19 obliges, the infectious disease specialist Didier Raoult is at the center of all conversations in France and in the world. I am one of the few journalists who know him well and follow his journey (I even wrote a book on his hospital and research on infectious diseases).
Portrait of a doctor as brilliant as original.

With his white mane, his bushy beard and his improbable shirts hidden under his eternal white blouse, Professor Didier Raoult does not frankly lead the job. Beneath his air of troubadour returned from Woodstock in a Volkswagen combi, hides one of the very best French scientists and one of the most cited researchers in the world. The ace ! The therapeutic track he presented to fight the Covid 19 was qualified as "fake news" on the site of the Ministry of Health 3 weeks ago. But the tone of the government and the scientific community is changing!