Music: sega fer elektro won Babani

The flow of the maravanne announces the beginning of the ritual. The public gathers in front of the platform on which the turntables have been installed. In ternary rhythm, the griot's voice rises from the loudspeakers. His words captivate souls, who listen only to him. Silence has settled, as was done at the time of storytellers who gathered under palaver trees.

In Grand-Gaube this Saturday in July, Babani Soundsystem's set will have lasted seven hours. The strong wind blowing on the heterogeneous crowd carried Sega, Maloya, Sagaï, Seggae, among others, to the sea. A multitude of music from the Indian Ocean, little known or even forgotten, that Avneesh Bacha, Woréka and Ayef exploit in another form. This, without making them lose their authenticity.