Publication of the opinion "Making digital technology an accelerator of diversity"

15 strategic recommendations for a more diversified, inclusive and efficient digital France, at the heart of the post COVID19 economic recovery plan.

In total, the opinion includes 15 concrete recommendations divided into three axes: 

  • Axis 1 : Guarantee information and access to training on digital opportunities for profiles from diverse backgrounds 
  • Axis 2 : Identify and measure the recruitment and establishment policy to respond to the lack of diversity in digital technology 
  • Axis 3 : Strengthen the policy of revitalizing territories

 France is one of the most innovative countries in the world. It is a strength, which we must translate into concrete prospects for our youth: training, sustainable jobs, an asset for a world that is constantly renewing itself. Digital has long been essential and we have a duty to help everyone who wishes to take it up,   insists Salwa Toko, President of the National Digital Council.