Foreign students employable at 18 years, the airport of Plaisance "developed"


Recommendations will also be made to determine the best option for facilities at the Mauritian airport, through the extension of the existing passenger terminal.

Iswarduth Seetohul as Chair of the Conciliation and Mediation Commission, 18-year-old foreign students will be able to work in Mauritius, and the SSR International Airport and Plaine-Corail airport will be developed. All measures decided at the Council of Ministers on Friday, August 24, 2018. 

France will collaborate in the development of the airport
Airports of Mauritius Ltd., Airports of Rodrigues Ltd and Airport Terminal Operations Ltd.(ATOL) will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with ADP International Limited Company, formerly known as Aéroports de Paris Management SA . The objective: to discuss and propose the most appropriate plan for the development of SSR International Airport and that of Plaine-Corail. A development plan in relation to these two airports will be prepared. Recommendations will also be made to determine the best option for facilities at the Mauritian airport, through the extension of the existing passenger terminal . 

Tourism: the 2018-2021 strategic plan will be implemented
The  Tourism Strategic Plan 2018-2021 will be published soon and its recommendations will be implemented. This plan focuses on a tourism development model that relies notably on technology. This, while taking into consideration the objectives set out in the 2015-2019 government program and Vision 2030. This strategic plan incorporates 84 projects and programs that should be set up by different organizations within a specified time frame. 

Trade with China: the draft agreement passed in review 
Chapters on trade in goods and services, investment, economic cooperation ... These are some of the points included in the  "draft agreement" of the free trade agreement between Mauritius and China, which the Cabinet has taken note. 

Foreign students will now be able to work at 18
Amendments will be made to the Non-Citizens (Employment Restriction) Exemptions Regulations to implement new conditions related to the employment of international students. They will now be able to work from the age of 18 instead of 16 years ago. However, they must take courses continuously and full-time. 

The minimum duration of study programs should be three years for undergraduate courses and one year for postgraduate studies. Those enrolled in vocational and vocational institutions will not be able to work during their studies. 

Iswarduth Seetohul at the CCM 
The Board of the Conciliation and Mediation Commission (CCM) was reconstituted with Ishwarduth Seetohul as President. Other nomination: S. Dorasami will chair the Board of the Osterlog Valley Endemic Garden Foundation. The Board of Trustees of the Trade Union Trust Fund has also been reconstituted. 

Blue Economy: Experts from Southern Africa to Mauritius
The 24th session of the Inter-Governmental Committee of Experts, organized by the United Nations Economic Commission of Africa, will be held in Mauritius from 18 to 21 September. Discussions will revolve around the blue economy, the consolidation of collaboration between coastal states and the role of small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of industrialization in Southern Africa. 

Use of the national coat of arms: the endorsement of the PM required 
It will be necessary to obtain the authorization of the Prime Minister to use the coat of arms of Mauritius in accordance with Article 76A of the Criminal Code . A press release will be issued to this effect. 

Airlines: the agreement with Turkey comes true 
The Mauritian government will send its Turkish namesake agreement on the proposals made under the Bilateral Air Services Agreement. Both parties discussed the designation of airlines, frequency, transit rights, code sharing and existing limitations. 

Public service: Establishment Orders will be prepared
The office of the President of the Republic will be notified of the preparation of the Civil Establishment Order 2018 and the Civil Establishment (Rodrigues Regional Assembly) Order 2018. These determine the number of people who can be recruited and determine the emoluments, among others. The Ministry of Public Service will do that.

The ozone layer at the center of attention 
"Keep Cool and Carry On! The Montreal Protocol. " This is the theme of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, which will be commemorated on September 19th. A round table on this subject will be held at the Municipality of Port Louis on September 16th. It will also be determined how to mitigate the effects of climate change. An exhibition will be held at the same place from September 17 to 21 and there will be awareness campaigns.