Fight against Covid-19 - Dr Mahadev Ramjee: Mauritian supervising clinical trials of an antibody injection in England

Since August 2020, Dr Mahadev Ramjee is the “Medical Director” for Panthera Biopartners in England. He is thus supervising clinical trials of an antibody injection to fight Covid-19 in people with a weak immune system. The Mauritian is privileged to be part of this research campaign. Dr Mahadev Ramjee has worked on more than thirty clinical trials with several pharmaceutical companies and has developed drugs. He is currently Medical Director for Panthera Biopartners and focuses on a project for the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. These are clinical trials that will be conducted on 5,000 patients with weak immune systems. 400 patients have already been recruited. “Covid-19 vaccines will not have the desired results if they are given to people with weak immune systems.