EU finally adopts regulation on reuse of treated wastewater

While episodes of summer drought are more and more regular in our territories, with the water restrictions that this implies, the reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation is largely underused in Europe, but particularly in France. Last Thursday, the EU definitively adopted a directive to democratize this practice

Last Thursday, the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition released a list of 53 departments that must already prepare to deal with the summer drought. If the season has not yet started, and if the winter precipitation has been quite good this year, Météo France forecasts very dry weather for the coming months. Probably like the summer of 2019, where 88 French departments faced the lack of water.

It is mainly in eastern France, the Center and the Rhône-Alpes region that the forecasts seem pessimistic. This list published by the Ministry during a meeting of the National Water Committee aims to allow these departments to anticipate likely restrictions and to improve interdepartmental coordination to deal with them