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Independance of India

CELEBRATION 70 Years Of Indian Independance of The republic of India on Jan 25th 2018

To The Kind Attention of Shri Lavanya KUMAR JI


Dear Sir,
It was indeed with greatest honor and pleasure of meeting you yesterday the 22 Nov 2019 and I do sincerely thank you for your precious time spent in your company.
I do hereby confirm that our Organization "Gopio Francophone France" is organizing a Special Cultural & Historical  Event in partnership with our Indan Embassy of Paris, cultural section .
We have successfully obtain the Municipality Hall of the 15th District of Paris  to hold this event on the 25 Jan. 201 , From 18 Hrs to 22 Hrs
We need your usual support in logistic, communications ,Special Cultural Group from India to perfom on that "Gala Night" promoting our "Mother India" from Post- Independance till today  both culturaly and economicaly ...progress and mainly  to enhance the Indian relation with France.
Since the Mayor Mr Phillipe GOUJON has granted us the municipality hall  and will be present for this historical event , I do hope that our Ambassador ,  His Excellency Shri Vinay Mohan Kwatra ji will honour us by his presence for he is our Chief Guest.
I do request that our Organization "Gopio Francophone France " to be listed in your official list of the Cultural Section for we have made such request on several occassions but with no result till now.... We do remind you that our Organization exist since in Paris since 2006 with the grand official openning by Shri VAAYAR RAVI ji ex-Minister of MOIA ( Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs).

Please do send me a refference letter as soon as possible allowing us to use the official logos and brand names under the "Sous le Haut patronage de L'Ambassade L'Inde -Paris"
Thank you for your support ,
Truly yours,