(Alya'a Samir Borhan, Ambassador of Egypt to Mauritius) Sovereignty of Mauritius over the Chagos: “This is an issue close to our heart”

With Dr Alya'a Samir Borhan as its new ambassador, the Arab Republic of Egypt renews its confidence in the capacity of women at the head of Egyptian diplomacy in Mauritius. At 47 years old, Alya'a Samir Borhan, who started her career at the foreign ministry of his country to be on several occasions in charge of mission abroad, is a specialist of the economy.

Source: https://www.lemauricien.com/actualites/alyaa-samir-borhan-ambassadrice-degypte-a-maurice-souverainete-de-maurice-sur-les-chagos-this-is-an-issue-close-to-our-heart/406513/